Piano Class

Piano Class is a semester course offered at NAHS for students in grades 9-12. It is worth 2.5 credits. Piano Class provides students with the opportunity to develop a working knowledge of the skills and techniques required to play the piano. Topics covered include music reading skills, correct keyboard fingering and technique, and general musicality. Students work individually at their own pace with teacher supervision and instruction. Keyboards with headphones are provided, and students are also able to use the music departments practice rooms. Students will progress through instruction, practice, and performance with their peers.

Welcome to Piano Lab!

Previous experience is not required, but it will certainly help. Your performances will be assessed with progress, not perfection—so do your best and you will succeed!

1) Treble Clef Lines Practice

2) Treble Clef Spaces Practice

3) Treble Clef Lines & Spaces Quiz

4) Bass Clef Lines Practice

5) Bass Clef Spaces Practice

6) Bass Clef Lines & Spaces - Quiz

7) Treble & Bass Clefs, Lines & Spaces - TEST

Piano Lab Expectations

Know that you can succeed. Most of the people that enter the course have never played before.

You will be able to play piano by the end of this course!

…if you work hard and don’t give up when you make mistakes.

Always use headphones while practicing. It’s super annoying to hear show-boaters!

Protect your keyboard with your life! Don’t put your weight on the keys,

they are not musical coasters for your Bagels n’ Cream drinks, and don’t drop the keyboards/headphones.

Bring the rowdy crowd on performance days! Everyone’s nervous at recitals and wars, so help them out with lots of

raucous applause, hooting, and hollering to give them confidence!

Listen to more piano music this semester. Take your favorite playlist, and download piano covers of each of the songs into a new playlist.

You’re welcome, you have a new favorite playlist.

Piano Lab Assessment

1/3 Practice

efficient use of rehearsal time, punctuality, effort

1/3 Mini-Recitals

progress in: accuracy, skill, and steadiness

1/3 Recitals

accuracy, skill, steadiness