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Dear Parent/Guardian and Student:

Excellence is a product of hard work and a strong foundation of fundamentals.  The North Attleboro High Music Program is pleased to announce an after school lesson program for all instrumental students and vocal students enrolled in North Attleboro Schools performing groups. Please read this letter carefully and return the attached form to the band director by Monday, September 16, 2019.

Instrumental and vocal lessons for secondary (middle and high) school students are offered after the regular school day hours at North Attleboro High School.  All lessons are private.  A half-hour lesson is charged at the rate of $ 20.00.  A forty-five minute lesson is charged at the rate of $ 30.00.  An hour lesson is charged at the rate of $ 40.00.  The collection of the lesson fee is coordinated through the high school music office.  There are two payment periods during the course of the year.  Period 1 payment covers lessons from October through January (16 lessons).  Period 2 payment covers lessons from February through the first week of May (11 lessons).  Lessons officially end the first week of May so that teachers and students can utilize the rest of the year to conduct make-up lessons as needed. Additional lessons may be added at the discretion of the lesson teacher.

Please do not use financial concerns as a single reason not to participate.  Financial assistance may be available if needed through the NAHS Friends of Music.  Any financial arrangements will be kept confidential.  Please call me at my office at (508) 643-2115 x1151 to discuss the matter.  Also, payment schedules can be set up in the most convenient manner for your situation.

Our teaching staff is exceptional and each child will receive expert instruction on their chosen instrument.  All instructors play or teach professionally throughout the Boston area.  Scheduling will be done to accommodate as many students as possible.  However, please note that the after school staff are not available every day and their hours working here are set by them.

The lesson program here at North Attleboro High School has been created for our students’ success both individually as well as in a group format.  In order to continue the development on an instrument or voice, lessons are essential.  Band class or chorus is not the place to learn how to play an instrument at the secondary level.  Great musicianship and ensemble training are the key components of band and chorus.  As always, the objective of this year’s program is geared towards raising our student’s level of excellence.   The opportunity to develop better technique and music reading skills are magnified by the growth and maturity of age.  This is a critical time for all students to take advantage of this program.

Thank you for your continuing support of the North Attleboro music program.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me during school hours.  I am most happy to talk with you. You can also e-mail me if you wish.  This is sometimes the better way to go.


Sincerely yours,


Thomas Rizzo

Instrumental Director, NAHS

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Lesson TeacherInstrumentEmailTelephone
Ben Tileston  Percussion  
Katelain Tavares Clarinet 401-301-5852  
Kyle Beaudoin Saxophone 401-662-0299 
Stuart Britton Brass (508) 954-8314 
TBA Voice   
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