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Music Theory

Music Theory is the science behind the art of music. This course explains why music is the way it is, and treats students like aspiring composers.



            By the end of this course students will:

-         identify intervals, scales, and chords by ear

-         analyze chords, scales, and other components of written music

-      compose original music 


- Tests 25%

- Quizzes 25%

- Homework 25%

- Participation 25%


Music Theory I
All assignments should have at least 25 responses. 
When completed, click the button in the top right corner, sign your name, and e-mail the verification report number to

Assignment 1 Note Identification
Assignment 2 Keyboard Identification
Assignment 3 Keyboard Reverse Identification
Assignment 4 Key Signatures
Assignment 5a Intervals
Assignment 5b Intervals Ear Training
Assignment 5c Intervals Ear Training
Assignment 6 Major/Minor Chords
Assignment 7 Inversions

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