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Music Appreciation


Music Appreciation is a 2.5 credit semester course about the history of Western Music.


            This course will examine the development, history, and role music has played on western cultures and how it has shaped the world around us. The complete history of music will be touched upon from the beginnings of vocal writing to the jazz, rock, and rap/hip-hop of today. Emphasis will be placed on the relationship of music to history, art, and literature.



Critical Response:

·         Students will demonstrate an understanding of how musical elements interact to create expressiveness in music

·         Students will demonstrate knowledge of the technical vocabulary of music

·         Students will listen to performances of extended length and complexity with proper attention and audience protocol

·         Students will describe the purposes for which works of music was and is created, and, when appropriate, interpret its meaning

·         Students will describe the roles of artists, patrons, cultural organizations, and arts institutions in societies of the past and present.

·         Students will demonstrate their understanding of styles, stylistic influence, and stylistic change by identifying when and where art works were created, and by analyzing characteristic features of art works from various historical periods, cultures, and genres.

·         Students will describe and analyze how performing and visual artists use and have used materials, inventions, and technologies in their work.



            Though much of this class is based on the history of music, students will be expected to participate in class discussions. Students will be expected to complete assignments on time and in a well-done manner. Students are expected to write about music; how they feel, how it makes them feel, why it makes them feel certain ways. Students are expected to follow the rules of the class room and respect each other and each other’s property.



            Students will be tested periodically on knowledge of people, dates, periods, music, and history.  Written assignments may also be asked for in lieu of formal exams. Participation in class is a requirement. The course examines how music makes YOU feel and why.

- Tests 40%

- Quizzes 20%

- Homework 20%

- Participation 20%



Extra help is available to students as the student/ teacher’s schedule allows. Before/ after school, during teacher prep times or during teacher duty times are available upon scheduling.



It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to obtain work missed when absent. Absences include illness, field trip, tardiness, or early dismissal. If homework or an assessment is given on the day of an absence, the STUDENT must initiate the conversation to obtain the missed material or determine a time during or after school for makeup.

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